Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's Official !!!

I officially started a Cupcake Business and I am SUPER stoked! So most of you know I have been making Cupcakes for awhile now but I officially registered the name, bought the domain, and made it public. I'm in the big time now! I am in the process of working with an AMAZING graphic designer named Steph Fox aka Betty Gesserit (she's obviously one of my Roller Girls). Steph and I are working on my logo, flavor sheets, brochures, and business cards. I am hoping to have all that in hand by the end of July : ) I am working on my website and plan to launch that VERY soon! In the meantime if you Need or simply just want Cupcakes email me ~ cupcake.kaboom@gmail.com. I can make magic happen for any event in any flavor ... Stay Tuned !!!

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